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Legal Lean Sigma Institute Services

Legal Lean Sigma Institute provides expert consulting support and certification courses, workshops, programs, retreats, and presentations designed for legal and business professionals that take you, your organization, and your clients to new levels of excellence.

All of our work is specific to the legal profession. We believe there is no one, right way to start or build on existing process improvement and/or project management efforts. So, whether we are working with a law firm, legal department, service provider, the United States military, vendor, or legal aid office, each course and every engagement is tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Legal Lean Sigma® programs are the first to be designed exclusively for the legal profession. You don’t have to spend your time and energy bridging concepts from manufacturing because we have already done so. We use relevant case studies, examples, and success stories from law firms and legal departments. This way, you learn about Six Sigma, Lean, and project management in the context of the processes and projects that are most important to you.

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Public certification courses RESCHEDULED
If you need help with new workflows resulting from COVID-19, contact us. All initial consults are NO CHARGE as a service to the legal ecosystem during this time.


Legal Lean Sigma Institute wins the 2018 Process Excellence Award in the category of Best Business Transformation Process for the Legal WorkOut®!

Legal Lean Sigma Institute WON the 2018 Process Excellence Award in the category of Best Business Transformation Process for the Legal WorkOut®, a collaborative, accelerated approach to process improvement work at the OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit in...


Legal Lean Sigma® and Project Management education and skill development through certification courses, process mapping, workshops, programs, retreats, and keynote addresses.


Consulting services that encompass the spectrum of organizational development and structuring, including program design, needs assessments, competitive positioning, advisory services to leaders, compensation redesign, governance, marketing of PI/PM programs, as well as pricing, performance management, practice management, and other “P”s.


The Legal WorkOut®, a collaborative approach to accelerated process improvements, project design, facilitation, and support.

Our Approach to Process Improvement and Project Management

The Legal Lean Sigma Institute has translated and blends PI and PM concepts, frameworks, and tools specifically for the legal profession. We believe that it is the combination of PI and PM that enables us to have excellent processes that are managed well; one without the other only produces an excellent process that isn’t managed well or a project that is managed well but still relies on a broken process. Employed together, they: support unparalleled teamwork and communication, reduce wasteful activities, improve quality, allow us to discover best practices, and increase value.

The Legal Lean Sigma Institute has the experts when it comes to PI and PM in law firms and legal departments. We are the recognized leader in this space, offering the first certification courses and owning registered trademarks in both Legal Lean Sigma® and the Legal WorkOut®.

Lean Six Sigma for Law Firms

Authored by Legal Lean Sigma Institute Founder and CEO Catherine Alman MacDonagh, JD, this is the first report of its kind to provide in-depth strategic and tactical guidance on the application of Lean and Six Sigma in law firms, the different approaches law firms are taking, where and how to get started, and case studies highlighting results.

Click here for a sample chapter, summary, and the Foreword by Thomas L. Sager, former Senior VP and General Counsel, DuPont Legal.

Would you like for to be included in the next edition entitled Lean Six Sigma for Law Firms and Legal Departments? Contact Catherine to find out how.