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LLSI_bullet.jpg Project Design and Support
LLSI_bullet.jpg Process Mapping and Workflow Design Workshops
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Process Improvement Project Support
Facilitation, Coaching, Kaizens

We provide project facilitation, coaching and other support to help you engage in process improvement and project management. Our goal is to help you develop novel approaches to working within your organization and with your clients. 

Process mapping workshops can be good places to start. Through a facilitated discussion, the participants work together to reach consensus on process scope and identify the major steps in a process as well as the tasks, activities, and decision points within each step. This enables a team to immediately identify areas for improvement and next steps as well as near term priorities.

Structuring for Success
Organizational Consulting

We help organizations structure, approach, and perform process improvement and project management work. This includes program design and flexible applications of consulting services addressing areas such as strategy, governance, financial performance, service delivery, and compensation.
Services include: 
  • Needs assessment
  • Strategic goals, tactics, and timelines
  • Key performance indicators
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Leadership
  • Process ownership
  • Team composition, development, and groundrules
  • Communications
  • Compensation design
  • Establishing and managing expectations
  • Budgeting and finance issues
  • Marketing and business development
We tailor every assignment to each client and flexibly combine approaches that align with the client's culture, goals, and capabilities. In long term engagements, we function as expert extensions of your team. We are equally comfortable helping our clients develop strategy, structure, and skills so they can do this work on their own or providing a certification course, workshop, or program to support other objectives and initiatives.
We can help you determine how to get started or take your program to the next level. For example, we might begin our work with leaders and groups in a variation on strategic planning and a traditional SWOT analysis. Through the development and delivery of a program specifically designed to help you assess and prioritize, then select and plan your opportunities for improvement and capturing best practices, we guide you through various decision points while capturing conclusions and providing you with appropriate notes and materials following the meeting. To help you move quickly, yet thoughtfully, we present structural options and record your decisions in real time to minimize, if not eliminate, implementation delays.
We also work with practice group leaders, practitioners, and business professionals to explore a specific process and make recommendations as to next steps. This includes deliverables such as: 
  • Discussion about current state of process – draft points related to Project Charter/Define phase work: problem/opportunity statement, business case, stakeholder analysis, goal(s)
  • Rough process map
  • First-pass issues diagram
  • Data gathering - what might we want to measure to get more background on issues? Discussion of relevant client feedback.
  • Approaches to improve process - overview of DMAIC and Kaizen methodology, other firms’ experiences project selection/prioritization, team composition
  • Recommended next steps
We also have experience with marketing and business development. We can prepare a team for competitive situations, change management programs and other key opportunities. We are also able to help develop win-win strategies and work product related to client development, speaking and publishing, even a themed campaign for your organization's retreats and client events.