Legal WorkOut
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The Legal WorkOut®

We invented the Legal WorkOut®, a structured, systematic way to bring people together to develop rapid and lasting improvements.

The Legal WorkOut is a collaborative approach to process improvement that was developed by LLSI. Our strucutred, facilitated workshops with cross-functional, diverse teams of legal and business professionals are focused on taking the unnecessary WORK OUT of our work. The Legal WorkOut is an accelerated improvement approach that converts ideas into results in 30 to 90 days and simultaneously creates a foundation for longer term improvements.

Benefits of a Legal WorkOut®

  • Unleashes the existing know-how and creativity of the people closest to the action to bring their ideas to the table
  • Bias is speed to action and results – not data, study, research, or root cause analysis
  • Draws on people’s knowledge, experience and creativity to produce quick successes and generate enthusiasm 
  • Provides a framework to empower people to improve their work life
  • Process focused group activities provide an opportunity for those with knowledge of specific aspects of a process to 
  • Map how the process works as a whole
  • Share ideas 
  • Break down barriers that may exist between groups

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