Legal WorkOut®

A new approach to improving legal and business processes – together

We invented the Legal WorkOut®, a structured, systematic way to bring people together to develop rapid and lasting improvements.

The Legal WorkOut®, an original approach that combines various methodologies and changes the way legal and business professionals (and clients, legal departments and law firms) collaborate to innovate, improve processes, increase efficiency, and deliver greater value in a way that benefits everyone.

Benefits of a Legal WorkOut®:

  • Unleashes the existing know-how and creativity of the people closest to the action to bring their ideas to the table
  • Bias is speed to action and results – not data, study, research, or root cause analysis
  • Draws on people’s knowledge, experience and creativity to produce quick successes and generate enthusiasm
  • Provides a framework to empower people to improve their work life
  • Process focused group activities provide an opportunity for those with knowledge of specific aspects of a process to
  • Map how the process works as a whole
  • Share ideas
  • Break down barriers that may exist between groups
Interested in an award-winning Legal WorkOut® Case Study?

Framework For Immediate & Longer Term Improvements


The Legal WorkOut was awarded Best Business Transformation Process at the OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit 2018. This award recognizes breakthrough business change. Top entrants were judged on the ability to prove their strategic and functional results, as well as clarity in execution, communication and sustainability throughout the process. The Legal Lean Sigma Institute is the first from the legal profession to enter and win this prestigious award.

This approach has also produced awards from the Association of Corporate Counsel (Value Champion 2016), Financial Times (Innovative Lawyer’s Short List 2017), and Legal Marketing Association (Your Honor Award 2018).

key results of a Legal WorkOut® case study


  • Three teams were assembled to work simultaneously on multiple processes.
  • Lawyers and business professionals from a global law department and a primary outside law firm participated in two, in-person workshops. Some were just meeting face-to-face for the first time despite having “worked together” for years.
  • Teams broke out of siloes, learned the fundamentals of Legal Lean Sigma® and project management, and were empowered to generate recommendations for rapid improvements. Go/no go decisions were made the same day.

New Skills & Vocabulary

  • Facilitated the ability to work collaboratively.
  • Enabled critical conversations.
  • Harnessed best practices and the expertise of the cross-functional team.
  • Provided process efficiency and capability insights.
  • This “eye-opening” resulted in teams identifying immediate improvement opportunities that delivered value to both organizations.

Deeper Understanding

  • No one person had knowledge of processes as a whole before.
  • Pricing and staffing were easier.
  • Example: a senior law firm partner originally estimated a process had 12 steps. After mapping, 52 steps and 17 possible handoffs were found.
  • Respect and appreciation for individual efforts increased.
  • Unleashed know-how and creativity.

Key Results

  • Billing Process
    • Decreased total dollar amount of rejected invoices by 41%
    • Faster Review: 39% overall reduction in time
    • Reductions in rejected invoices in 9 months
      • 43% overall
      • 72% for incorrect setup
      • 56% for wrong matter ID
      • 66% line items for wrong matter ID
  • Subpoena Process
    • Improved legal outcomes
    • Decreased average cycle time by 44%
    • New dashboard
  • The tailored approach to the legal profession, experience, and results made the case to professionals known for their skepticism
  • Program expands to other opportunities in the law department and wins awards