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The spot-on content, always engaging, and practical delivery we are known for, either in person or in a virtual environment.

Legal WorkOut™  – Our award-winning approach combines PI, PM and DT concepts and tools and uses a  proven workshop approach to improving processes – FAST. Cross-functional, cross-organizational, diverse teams achieve rapid, sustainable results. It is designed for teams that want to reduce costs, optimize the way people work for demonstrably better outcomes, deliver greater value, and produce budget predictability. It connects silos and teams, breaks down barriers, and builds bridge between people and organizations.

Certification Courses: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt (requires approved application, Yellow Belt and successful completion of project, and Black Belt (custom program).

Yellow Belt Certification Course Agenda – Legal Lean Sigma Institute – December 5-9, 2022

White Belt Certification Course Agenda – Legal Lean Sigma Institute – Process Improvement and Project Management

Our White and Yellow Belt Certification courses include lectures, exercises, simulations, videos, discussions, group work, and demonstrations covering key Process Improvement (Lean, Six Sigma) and Project Management (Agile, Scrum, Waterfall)  methodologies, tools, and concepts. We bridge our context – we use real legal and business processes for our exercises plus examples and case studies from law firms and legal departments so that participants learn in a relevant, immediately useful context.

Certificate and Virtual Training Programs  Different from our certification courses, our Level 100, 150 and 200 and Leadership certificate programs take a classic business school approach to immersive, collaborative learning via use of case studies and presentations. They are taught by a stellar faculty that includes Black Belts, industry leaders, and operational excellence experts with relevant experience.  Either luminaries in continuous improvement and innovation (public programs) or your leaders (private delivery) serve as judges for the team presentations in the Level 100 and 200 case studies, enhancing opportunities to learn, practice, and make progress.

Ask about our Level 150 Certificate with custom case study designed for your team.

Program Packs. We deliver bespoke programming designed and sequenced to help advance your strategies and achieve your objectives. Selecting from the course catalog, your custom curriculum will help you, your organization, and/or team develop new skills. Your program pack pricing includes a co-design meeting with a curriculum advisor and support of your CLE application(s).

Custom Courses and Curriculum. Train your way, with training curriculum and custom programs in the right formats and lengths for each team or group of attendees, including client collaboration and relationship focused events. We meet with you, gather requirements, design (or, even better, co-design with you!) approaches to meeting your learning objectives, tailor the content of a course or curricula from over 50 in our catalog, align it with your needs and goals, and then our expert faculty scholars deliver the course in person or online. 

Please contact us about courses, keynotes, retreats, tailored workshops, client events, and other programs. Everything is possible.